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No more ties or slippers. Give them wine!

Wine gift basket from Northern Sun Winery, Bark River, MI
Gift those you love with wine from Northern Sun Winery in Bark River, MI

In case you hadn't noticed, the people around you are a little more sophisticated these days. Don't try to pick out a tie for them (they'll never wear it) or fit them with slippers (they make a great doggie chew toy). Instead, gift those you love with the amazing tastes of Upper Peninsula grown estate wines from Northern Sun Winery.

For your mature female relatives, try a creamy, dry, outstanding bottle of Sur-lie Frog, great with holiday turkey and stuffing.

For the friend or relative with everything, gift them with the Marquette, a deep, red, medium bodied red wine with an enjoyable balanced, velvety structure. A lovely match for a luscious holiday standing rib roast and Balsamic BellaVitano cheese. Winner of Double Gold in Sonoma, California.

For your sassy young cousin, gift them with the Brianna, a soft delightfully fruity semi sweet white wine with a smooth finish. Ideal with holiday ham and mild cheeses. Winner Double Gold Medal MI Wine Competition.

For the man of the house, a Sole Di Sera. An irresistible blend of Leon Millot and Marquette wine. It's wide spectrum of flavors compliments steak and lasagna.

Ties and slippers, never more. Come in to Northern Sun Winery and take care of all your holiday shopping!

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