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White Wine Goes with Everything

Northern Sun Winery has a perfect white wine to enjoy with your next meal, picnic, aperitif, cheese plate, or dessert.

LaCrescent goes great with your grilled salmon or Lake Michigan whitefish.

Brianna makes a BLT supper taste even more refreshing on a summer evening.

Ragazza Di Sole pairs tremendously with your fruit-topped cheesecake or rhubarb pie.

Sur-Lie Frog compliments your grilled chicken kabobs.

Come in to Northern Sun Winery to get your favorite grown U.P. white wine by the case to receive 20% off. Or call (906) 399-9212 to order a delivery by Susie or Dave and Vino VanGo.

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Kayla Wallace
Kayla Wallace
03 okt. 2021

Hello matte great blog

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