Vine Leaves

Wendy and Melissa Middaugh became the new owners of Northern Sun Winery in December 2020. Wendy's son, Jonathan Bovard, is the Vineyard Manager and Vintner. The first year was spent in an apprenticeship with the previous owners, Dave and Susie Anthony.

"This first year is about learning. We feel like if we get through the first year and we've learned as much as we can in each season, than in the following years we can think more about a growth plan," says Wendy.

Jonathan says, "The thing I am most excited about is that this is a family venture that we have embarked on here. I'd like my kids also to go and come back and continue to grow with us so that in the future it is the family vineyard. It's our family, its our life, its our tradition."

Melissa says, 'We are eager to create an environment that supports community. We have all worked internationally and now we are living here in the UP and want to explore ways of doing that work locally. We look forward to partnering with non-profit organizations, hosting events and giving back." 

The Pride of
Northern Sun Winery

The pride of Northern Sun Winery is our Estate grown wines.  Carefully selected varietals to thrive on our rolling hills in Bark River, Mi.  We are located less than 15 minutes from the beautiful Historic Town of Escanaba and less than 5 minutes from the Island Resort and Casino in Harris.   All of our wines are grown, produced, and bottled on site. 

Our wines are 100% Estate grown in our own Anthony Vineyards.  You will be amazed by our local flavors and delicious wines, as many as 13 at any one time.  Because of our boutique style winery and all grapes grown on site, we may not always have all of our varietals available.


In the News

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Northern Sun Winery is one of the first to grow wine in the Upper Peninsula. See our recent television news coverage here.